$YM-Trading Dow Futures: July 25, 2017. 130 Pt. Bull Trend

$YM-Trading The Dow Jones Emini Futures contract for September ’17. On July 24 at 11:30 pm (CST) Slow Stochastics (5,3) crosses up below its 20 as the market reverses off its lower Bollinger Band. The market is now at 21,493. The market moves in an 11 point range until about 2:00 am (CST) the next day when the market reverses near 21,487 and moves to 21,496 for that 5 minute duration. Trading volume is about 315 contracts, the highest volume over the previous several hours. Stochastics and MACD (8,17,9) are very bullish as well. From here over the next several hours the market moves all the way to 21,630, an over 130 point bull trend.