$YM-Trading Dow Futures, $ES-Trading S&P500 Futures. June 26-30, 2017: The Week in Volatility

$YM-Trading The Dow Jones Emini Futures contract for September ’17. Trading the $ES-S&P 500 Futures contract. From June 26 through the 30th ’17 looking at the daily charts for the $YM-Dow Futures and the $ES-S&P 500 Futures indicate a pretty high level of volatility. Take a look at the $VIX as we’ve seen it spike between 15 & 16 in April, May and June, not excessive levels but warrant consideration. Looking at the weekly and monthly charts for $YM & $ES still indicate we are in a strong bull market and have been for quite some time. Keep that in mind! The $ES traded 1,829,260 contracts for June ’17. The $YM traded 157,365 contracts for June ’17.