$YM-Trading Dow Futures: August 22, 2017. 169 Pt. Bull Trend

$YM-Trading┬áThe Dow Jones Emini Futures┬ácontract for September ’17. On August 22, 2017 between the hours of 4:35 am until 5:55 am (CST) Slow Stochastics (5,3) and MACD (8,17,9) form very bullish signals from an OVERSOLD condition. With the market at 21,716 the move up goes all the way to 21,885 for a 169 Pt. Bull Rally. Notice how the Hourly chart had for several hours given the indication it wanted to sell off. From an OVERSOLD condition its Slow Stochastics (5,3) crosses higher as well during the 12:00 pm (GMT) Hour .