$YM-Trading Dow Futures. A 12 Pt. Winning Trade. A 12% Gain. August 28, 2017

$YM-Trading Dow Futures. 12 Pt. Winning Trade. 12% Gain. August 28, 2017. At 7:10 am (PST) the market signaled an OVERSOLD Alert which Trading Dow Futures posted. At 8:45 am (PST)  Slow Stochastics (5,3) and MACD (8,17,9) indicated going Long at 21778 with a Stop at 21768. At 8:58 am (PST) suggested a new Stop at 21790. By 9:03 am (PST) with the market at 21790 the trade entry Trading Dow Futures had called for was stopped out. A 12 Pt. Gain.

Each 1 Pt. gain in the Dow Futures is worth $5.00. Day Trading margin contracts are typically $500.00. A 12 Pt. gain in the Dow Futures is worth $60.00. Making $60.00 for every $500.00 contract is a 12% gain!